Fences are a joke to the three amigos


Sometimes I envy crop farmers. Their corn and potatoes do not steal food from the apple trees, then run around the farm looking for trouble. But...

Visiting with longhorns


We have long-horned cattle on our farm in New Hampshire, but our Scottish Highlanders don’t look like the Texas Longhorns.Highlanders come in solid...

Cows on a theater stage?


At the Hatbox Theatre in Concord, the playbill for Stones in His Pockets promised me: “Two Actors. Fifteen characters. Cows.” This would be my kind...

Living it up in the lone star state


It was warm for February, but not for February in Texas. Bruce and I were down there buying a used truck.While my New Hampshire cattle were busy...

Finding the perfect farm truck


The new year began with our search for a new-to-us truck to supplement our aging Ford F350. For us, picking the right vehicle is like hiring an...

Throwaway plastic is everywhere – plastic forks, plastic straws, plastic cups, and oh so many plastic bags!Red River Theater in Concord recently...

The odd couple


A goose is a female; a gander is a male. “The collective noun for a group of geese on the ground is a gaggle; when in flight they are called a...

Hay feeders can be cow traps


Topper’s horns were wedged tight in the metal hay feeder. While reaching for a tasty bit of hay, he pushed his head into the feeder and turned his...

A therapeutic hug


Ready for winter to be over? Do early darkness and painfully cold weather depress you, as they do me? Well, I’ve found the antidote: Cuddling a cow...

Half your hay by Groundhog Day


‘Half your hay by Groundhog Day,” is an old saying that helps a farmer estimate how much hay is needed to make it through the winter. Even if...

DNA testing for cattle


When calves are born at Miles Smith Farm in March and April, it’s obvious who their moms are. They’ll be nursing, protecting and generally fussing...

Even cows need a nice pampering


Kelsie struggled a bit in the squeeze chute as she settled in for her yearly pedicure. With a rope attached below her “dew claws,” we gently lifted...

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