Letter: 9/11 terrorists didn’t enter U.S. from Canada

Published: 1/10/2019 12:01:10 AM

Adam Rosenthal’s Jan. 7 letter employs over-the-top satire. However, on an issue of utmost seriousness, I do not want readers to misconstrue as fact the completely untrue statement that “the 9/11 terrorists came in from Canada.”

The 9/11 Commission investigation detailed how each hijacker acquired U.S. visas and entered the U.S. It is clear from this investigation that not one of the hijackers entered the U.S. from Canada (see the 9/11 Commission’s August 2004 staff report, “9/11 and Terrorist Travel”).

Canada’s long-standing partnership with the U.S. is grounded in shared security, prosperity and values. Both countries recognize threats flow both ways. Canadian and U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies work closely together every hour of every day to ensure the integrity of our North American space.

Canada’s commitment to this effort is unwavering.



(The writer is consul general of Canada in New England.)


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