Letter: Carbon dividend is the solution we need

Published: 2/23/2021 12:01:25 AM

As a college student concerned about climate change, I was encouraged by the article in the Feb. 15 Monitor about the new climate studies program at Plymouth State University. Unless we act now to curb climate change, the crises it causes will escalate, putting each generation in greater danger.

As the article reflects, my generation wants to work on climate change solutions. At the same time, we need these solutions to work for us, both now and down the road. We need high-leverage action – federal action – to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Yet we cannot rely on solutions pushed through by a partisan majority, which will be vulnerable to shifting political tides.

We also must be careful not to set up the next generations with massive debt. Thus, I believe we need a solution with bipartisan support, that pays for itself.

One such solution already pending in Congress is the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, which puts a price on carbon emissions and returns the collected funds to American households as monthly “dividends.” This market-based policy would incentivize the entire economy to shift toward nonpolluting energy, rapidly driving down greenhouse gas emissions.

It would also support lower-income Americans financially through the transition to clean energy, improve health, and save lives by decreasing pollution, and create millions of jobs.

Effective, equitable, and economically beneficial, this solution gives immediate help to our climate without requiring a partisan push or deficit spending. It would benefit us now, in the future, and for generations to come.



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