Casinos can no longer charge rent to charities

The New Hampshire State House in Concord.

The New Hampshire State House in Concord.


Monitor staff

Published: 04-18-2024 3:14 PM

Governor Chris Sununu has signed legislation that no longer allows casinos to impose rent charges on charities.

On Tuesday, House Bill 1203 was signed into law, allowing charities to keep the entirety of the money they receive from casinos, some of which would usually be paid as rent to casinos for utilizing their facilities for game dates.

"By signing this bill into law, New Hampshire is ensuring that charities retain valuable earnings that serve to benefit the good work they do across the Granite State,” said Sununu in a statement. “A win for charity gaming, the charities it benefits, and the people they serve!"

At present, the Lottery Commission oversees various aspects of casino operations, but the rental fees that charities have to pay are beyond the Commission’s oversight.

Rent charges are based on "fair market value," which can range between $250 and $750 each game day across New Hampshire's 13 gaming enterprises.

However, with the new law set to take effect on June 15, charities who partner with casinos gaming in New Hampshire will no longer be burdened with rental costs and will be able to receive the full 35% of a casino’s total revenue as required by law.