Letter: Charter school advocates are peddling myths

Published: 2/22/2020 12:01:24 AM
Modified: 2/22/2020 12:01:11 AM

The argument for accepting federal funds to establish more charter schools in New Hampshire continues to promote misleading information. These funds are not designed to lower property taxes. They are designed to establish new charter schools in the state, which will need that same funding from local communities once the federal funds are gone. That’s how it works. Charter schools take money from local communities because they are funded either by the community or by taking a portion of the overall state education budget. They do not exist as a tax-free entity in communities. We pay for them one way or the other. They do not lower our taxes.

Another popular argument is that they are needed as a buffer against lower enrollment numbers. What are they buffering against? If enrollment drops, so would school budget needs. That might possibly reduce taxpayer costs rather than splitting the costs between different schools competing for the same student base. I’m not sure how adding more schools into the mix will streamline costs.

Instead of focusing our attention on creating separate schools for individual students, why don’t we begin to celebrate and honor the work that’s being done in existing schools by educators and administrators? Why don’t we start supporting those people who work with our children every day? Why don’t we give them the funds and tools they need to ensure our children’s success in their futures?

Let’s give all kids the opportunity to perform and shine in whatever course of study they choose.




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