My Turn: We need to teach kids about the consequences of socialism

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Published: 2/6/2020 6:15:24 AM
Modified: 2/6/2020 6:15:14 AM

On Jan. 30, New Hampshire’s Democratic Senate majority provided a telling glimpse into their vision of “education” in the floor debate on Senate Bill 583. This bill sought to add language to the “Criteria for an Adequate Education, Science” to specifically require curricula to study climate change – a controversial topic that has produced irrational student hysteria in some of our New Hampshire classrooms and around the world.

As an example, according to a November 2019 Reuters article, “Almost half of all Europeans fear climate change more than losing a job or a terrorist attack, a study by the European Investment Bank showed on Thursday as EU lawmakers declared a “climate emergency.”

The language of SB 583 sought to change RSA 193-E:2, III to read as follows: “III. Knowledge of the biological, physical, and earth sciences, including climate and environmental sciences, to enable them to understand and appreciate the world around them.”

During the debate, Floor Amendment 2020-0324s was introduced, which would have added the following language to the Criteria for an Adequate Education in Civics: “IV. Knowledge of civics and government, free market economics, geography and history to enable them to participate in the democratic process and to make informed choices as responsible citizens in a constitutional republic.

Thirteen of New Hampshire’s 14 Democratic senators, including the chairman of the Senate Committee on Education and Workforce Readiness, voted against the proposed change to the definition of adequacy in civics.

As the partisan impeachment that weaponized our federal constitution to undermine the separation of powers mercifully draws to a close, what better demonstration could there possibly be for lawmakers to require a better definition and greater understanding of our system of government? And as Democratic presidential candidates continue to outdo each other in promising more and more “free stuff” with absolutely no possible way of paying for it, what clearer evidence could there possibly be for lawmakers to require a better definition and greater understanding of our system of economics?

The partisan rejection of the proposed civics amendment provides a clear insight into the actions of New Hampshire’s Democratic-controlled Legislature. Doubling down on their failed efforts last year to create new taxes, to choke businesses with more regulations, to attack our Second Amendment rights and to spend us into an income tax, they now reject teaching our children to understand the very systems of economics and government that granted freedom to more people than any other political system in history, and lifted more people out of poverty than any other economic system ever devised.

Our students need to learn about the economic and political systems that made our nation great. They need to be taught the true consequences of socialism, which will rob them of freedom and prosperity – consequences which have driven millions of immigrants to leave their native homes and cross battle-torn lands and shark-infested waters to come to the United States.

Though the words of the proposed civics amendment were few, the implications of its partisan rejection are huge. There is possibly no better demonstration of the Democrats’ goal to fundamentally transform the world’s greatest nation – and our state – into yet another socialist failure.

(Bob Giuda of Warren represents District 2 in the New Hampshire Senate.)

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