Letter: Sununu is not a climate change denier

Published: 12/6/2019 12:01:28 AM
Modified: 12/6/2019 12:01:17 AM

I recently read that Gov. Sununu is a climate change denier. Given the overwhelming science establishing climate change as a fact, I found this claim very distressing.

I began to do some research into the claim to see if it was true. In the end, what I found was that not only is Gov. Sununu not a climate change denier, but he has a positive track record on environmental protection.

As a preliminary matter, Gov. Sununu stated in a New Hampshire Public Radio debate during the last election: “I absolutely believe the climate is changing and that humans have an impact on it.” This is a statement of scientific fact and is the opposite of a climate change denier.

Some have criticized Gov. Sununu for not having New Hampshire join the Paris climate accord. Without knowing the background, this decision is upsetting. However, Sununu’s explanation is important. New Hampshire has more stringent environmental laws than the climate accord. Thus, joining would have promoted a weakening of state protections.

Further review of Sununu’s record shows a champion for the strictest water safety standards in state history. He has also been a leader in developing offshore wind as a clean energy source and the use of solar energy to help lower electric bills for seniors and low-income citizens.

We live in a time when much misinformation swirling around our politics. The attacks on Gov. Sununu’s environmental record are a sad example of this reality. For me, it was important to know the truth.




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