Letter: Comedy writing

Published: 12/18/2018 8:38:26 AM

Bill Bunker continues to entertain us with his most recent unintentionally comical letter (Monitor, Dec. 14). Snatching at various groups that flit by his eye – “globalists,” “internationalists,” “nationalists,” “Democrats,” “the left,” “progressives” – he creates a veritable hodgepodge of a comedy that goes something like this: We can only achieve cohesion as a country if all those people from various ethnic backgrounds suppress their cultural heritages and become “Americans,” apparently defined as people like Bunker.

I guess this spells the end for the Irish’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Oh, and goodbye to the Scottish Games here in New Hampshire. I would not want to be the individual who imparts this news to them. All of this ethnic pride is apparently spurred on by all those usual villains in Bunker’s comedy: Democrats, progressives, and, the usual suspects, the left. The result, according to Bunker, “is individuals only caring about their own cultural group.” I guess he’s forgotten how many have also gone off to war for this country, won public offices nationally, become federal and Supreme Court judges, led national movements and become noted philanthropists.

To say they have not become part of the great melting pot in this country is truly laughable. In that spirit, I encourage Bunker to continue writing letters. We all need some comedy in these troubled times.




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