Concord Christian’s tight-knit class of 21 focuses on small moments with big meaning

  • Senior Dylan Daigneault welcomes family and friends to Concord Christian Academy’s Graduation Ceremony on Saturday. KATIE RUGGLES / Monitor staff

Monitor staff
Published: 6/8/2019 11:14:31 PM

Concord Christian Academy’s graduating class is small, but their goals, accomplishments, and hopes for the future are big.

With 21 students graduating from Concord Christian Academy, several of the graduates have been together since elementary school.

Karina Primeau and Cassidy Brayshaw are both Salutatorians of Concord Christian Academy’s senior class. Primeau will be attending Syracuse University and Brayshaw will be attending Southeastern University in the fall.

During their address Saturday morning, Primeau and Brayshaw alternated back and forth during their speech, sharing memories and kind words about each of their fellow classmates.

Valedictorian Nolan Ritchie, who will attend Liberty University this fall, highlighted his playing career on the Concord Christian soccer team as his most influential experience during his time in high school.

Expressing his dislike for running, Ritchie explained he would do anything to be back on the field running in circles with his team.

“Although the time we spent on the field was limited, the time we spent off of it was more important,” he said.

Ritchie wrapped up his address by sharing his definition of success. He shared with his fellow classmates and audience that you will find success if you simply follow God’s will.

“If you follow his will and do everything with the intent and glory by him, you will have more success than you would ever dare dream possible,” Ritchie explained.

Throughout her commencement address, teacher Kathi Mitchell described trust as one of the hardest things to do in life.

By giving short anecdotes, Mitchell strung together the common theme of trust throughout each.

She described the time when her youngest son, Jimmy, drove them both to school, on an icy winter morning. Although there were accidents along the way, she trusted her son and knew he was meant to be driving. They made it to school safely.

During Mitchell’s battle with cancer, she was in her oncologist’s office with her oldest son, Jake. Her doctor was explaining a study she was a part of and the implications that came with it. When she turned to her son during the appointment, she saw his eyes closed and assumed he was sleeping. It turned out he was praying.

Again, Mitchell realized trust is what would get her through this difficult time.

Mitchell reminded the class to always put their trust into Jesus, for he will show them the right way.

“If you choose to follow Jesus, you are going to have amazing adventures.”

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