Sarah Doherty: Bishop Brady Female Athlete of the Season

  • Bishop Brady's Sarah Doherty (10) drives to the basket during Tuesday's first round girls' basketball playoff game at Bishop Brady High School in Concord on Feb. 27, 2018. (ELIZABETH FRANTZ / Monitor staff) Elizabeth Frantz

Published: 4/20/2018 11:06:05 PM

>bold<What was biggest challenge you or your team faced this season and how did you overcome it?>res 1<

>f F<Our biggest challenge was losing Sam Will, our leader and best scorer, but everyone else on the team shared the extra challenge of making up for her scoring and learned to depend more on each other.

>f F<

>f F<>bold<Who was the unsung hero of your team?>res 1<

>f F<Lauren Roy, for sure. I don’t know what we would have done without her, especially after Sam got hurt.

>f F<

>f F<>bold<If you could improve high school basketball in New Hampshire, what would you do?>res 1<

>f F<I would install a shot clock. Games can become very dull and frustrating when a team slows the ball down as much as some do and games that come down to the wire should not be ended with a team stalling for a two minute possession.

>f F<

>f F<>bold<Do you have any sports superstitions? If so, what are they?>res 1<

>f F<I’ve rolled my left sock down for a few years now.

>f F<

>f F<>bold<What are some of the unwritten rules of your sport?>res 1<

>f F<The biggest unwritten rule I think is that you don’t look to fill your own stat sheet when you play.

>f F<

>f F<>bold<Who on your team, coaches included, reminds you of a character in a TV show or movie?>res 1<

>f F<Our assistant coach Andrew Matarazzo reminds me of Joey Tribbiani from >italic< Friends >res 1<.

>f F<

>f F<>bold<If life were a video game, what would some of the cheat codes be?>res 1<

>f F<I think the cheat codes would be to take every chance you get to do something adventurous or fun.

>f F<

>f F<>bold<What is something that is really popular now, but in five years everyone will look back on and be

>bold<embarrassed by?>res 1<

>f F<I think everyone will look back on vines and memes and laugh and be embarrassed by them.

>f F<

>f F<>bold<Where do you get your news?>res 1<

>f F<I get most of my new from Twitter.

>f F<

>f F<>bold<What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?>res 1<

>f F<The best purchase I ever made was a Nutribullet. The worst would have to be a “blanket” from Japan that turned out to be the size of a


>f F<

>f F<>bold<What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?>res 1<

>f F<If you keep a goldfish in the dark, its color will fade.

>f F<

>f F<>bold<What’s invisible but you wish people could see?>res 1<

>f F<Laughter.

>f F<

>f F<>bold<If you could go to school in a foreign country, which country would you pick and why?>res 1<

>f F<I would go to Italy because of all the pasta there.

>f F<>bold<If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?>res 1<

>f F<A goat.

>f F<

>f F<>bold<What questions would you like to ask a time traveler from 200 years in the future?>res 1<

>f F<I would ask what the latest styles and fads were and what books and movies were considered classics by then.

>f F<

>f F<>bold<If you were hired to show tourists what life is really like where you live, what would you show them / have

>bold<them do?>res 1<

>f F<I would have them go hiking and experience the weird New England weather.

>f F<

>f F<>bold<What is the craziest thing one of your teachers has done?>res 1<

>f F<One of my teachers flipped over a desk in order to wake a student up.

>f F<

>f F<>bold<What’s the best thing about being a teen? What’s the worst?>res 1<

>f F<I think the best and worst thing about being a teen is that we are expected to make mistakes.

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