Downtown: A few changes in the Main Street cityscape

  • A picture of Revelstoke Coffee’s house roast, “Road Trip,” is displayed on the shop’s counter. Revelstoke opened for business Wednesday. Caitlin Andrews—Monitor staff

  • “Telephone booths” at Revelstoke Coffee will allow patrons to take phone calls without having to leave the shop. Caitlin Andrews / Monitor staff

  • Revelstoke Coffee owners Lyndsey Cole (left) and Alex Stoyle hang out in their store prior to the grand opening. Revelstoke opened for business Wednesday. Caitlin Andrews / Monitor staff

  • Revelstoke Coffee opened for business Wednesday. Caitlin Andrews—Monitor staff

  • Alex Stoyle pours a cup of coffee on Tuesday at Revelstoke Coffee. The shop opened for business Wednesday. Caitlin Andrews—Monitor staff

Monitor staff
Published: 12/9/2018 10:00:32 PM

A medley of changes has hit Concord’s downtown in the last few weeks.

For one, the paper’s been torn off the windows of Revelstoke Coffee, bringing to an end months of speculation of when the store would open and what it would look like.

Partners Lyndsey Cole and Alex Stoyle knew they wanted to bring something hip and cool to Concord. What that means is up for interpretation, they say, but Revelstoke’s design sports clean lines, exposed beams, brick walls that would be at home in any Netherlands coffee shop.

That’s intentional – Revelstoke is named after a town the two stumbled across on a road trip through British Columbia, one of many places Cole and Stoyle have seen in their days.

Stoyle said they’d always seek out a coffee shop wherever they roam. The two grew up in New Hampshire, but after years of traveling and living in other countries and states, they wanted to bring that international experience to the Capital City.

 “Concord is ripe for a new look and feel for a shop,” Cole said. “...We want to bring a different feel, something Concord doesn’t have.”

That feel includes a personal touch. Part of what took Revelstoke so long to get off the ground was that Lyndsey and Stoyle did most of the work to revamp the space where Starbellies used to be.

Many aspects of the shop, like the counters, bar and benches, were custom made. Perhaps most interesting are three “telephone” booths with privacy doors in the back, available for customers to use when they need to make a call without leaving the shop.

Another callout to the duos’ traveling days is the coffee itself. While the house roast will always be from Union Coffee Co. in Milford, Stoyle said Revelstoke will frequently feature “guest roasts” from around the country that Cole and Stoyle have personally tried and loved.

For now, Revelstoke will be open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Eventually, they hope to expand to Sunday, too.

Here are some other things going on in downtown right now.

Bona Fide changes storefronts

Don’t be fooled by the Chickadee Lane Interiors sign out front – the folks at Bona Fide Green Goods have packed up and moved down the street.

Owner Maddie Cole said she moved the store downtown about three weeks ago to capitalize better on Main Street’s foot traffic.

She’s still waiting on sign approval from the city.

Chickadee left Main Street earlier this year to pursue an online-only business model.

Bona Fide, which sells green and reusable products, has been around for 11 years, Cole said.

Crosswalks work paused

Looks like we’ll have to wait until spring for new bricks to sprout on some of Concord’s afflicted sidewalks.

The city was able to pave over the four crosswalks that had displaced bricks due to either wear or water, and made some other minor repairs during November.

The arrival of snow and cold temperatures, however, means the big work, like laying an asphalt adhesive base and new bricks, will have to wait till warmer days, according to a city manager newsletter. To fix all four crosswalks will cost an estimated $45,000.

“We plan to have the contractor back as soon as the ground conditions permit,” the newsletter reads. “...We appreciate the public’s patience as we work to finalize these repairs.”

(Caitlin Andrews can be reached at 369-3309, or on Twitter at @ActualCAndrews.)

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