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Questions for the candidates: Concord School Board District B, Max Schultz

Published: 10/25/2019 2:06:25 PM

Max Schultz is facing David Parker in Concord School Board District B, which includes wards 5, 6 and 7. Nancy Kane is not running for re-election.

Max Schultz

How long have you lived in Concord? 6 years in Concord and 17 years in New Hampshire.

Profession: I’m the Assistant Director at the State Fire Marshal's Office.

Other experience: I have 30 years in public safety including both fire service and law enforcement with the last 10 years being in a supervisory role and management roles. I currently manage public employees who have a labor union and I’m familiar with policies and personnel matters in the public sector.

What two issues are most important to you, and what would you do to address them?

I think that I share many of the concerns that my friends and neighbors have about the current situation in the school district. We are concerned that the district is not being managed properly and because of that, children have been harmed. I have had many people come to me expressing that concern and I have had many come to me and say that they feel that some of the administration is being unfairly attacked. This is what happens when there is a lack of leadership and accountability at the top. I think the way forward is to have a neutral and detached third party conduct a performance audit of the administration of the district so that we can objectively evaluate the failures that have occurred and then we can find a path forward with a plan of how we can fix the problem, move forward, and restore public trust. We can then focus on the issues that are coming before the board soon, such as the middle school project and the potential changes to the charter that could happen in a couple of years. We cannot focus on the normal work of the school board when current failures are in the news almost daily.

What voice/skills would you add to city government? The board already has several educators. I have a unique work experience that I can bring with me to help the board. I have been in public safety for 30 years and I have three children in the district. I want to help the board where I feel they need strength. They need someone who will ask in-depth questions about policy and procedure, and I am not afraid to offend anyone by asking necessary questions about operational matters in the district. I have law and administrative rule experience, and I like to evaluate programs and policy. This is a crucial time and the school district will need to put the right people in the important seats to lead them in the right direction. I would like very much to help them do just that.

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