Letter: Concord needs a racism commission

Published: 1/13/2021 12:01:50 AM

At the U.S. Capitol, we were reminded again that two systems of police treatment exist in America – one in which white people are more often treated peacefully, and one in which Black people are more often treated with violence. Many Concord residents are wondering how we can take action locally to combat racism in our own capital city. We can start with the city council creating a racism commission and beginning community conversations on racism.

The credit for this idea belongs to Mayor Jim Bouley. In early June, thousands of people led by students marched in Concord in response to the police murder of George Floyd and too many other Black people. Inspired, Mayor Bouley asked at the next city council meeting, “Well, are we just going to feel good about that one moment or are we going to actually do something about it?” He proposed that the city council form a committee to provide a platform for people to talk about their experiences with racism in Concord.

That was seven months ago, and the commission has not been created. Not yet. We know that New Hampshire is not immune to racism, and we need to engage in community conversations on racism. Please join me in urging Major Bouley and our city councilors to advance anti-racism in Concord by forming a racism commission. Let us not allow another seven months to pass without New Hampshire’s capital city taking action.



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