Letter: Thanks to Republicans for standing up to tax hikes

Published: 10/8/2019 12:01:23 AM

Congratulations and thanks to Gov. Chris Sununu and the General Court for agreeing on a state budget with no additional taxes on the hard-working people of New Hampshire. It represents an important compromise between a Republican governor and a Democratic-controlled Legislature, proving that bipartisan cooperation in government is still possible.

The budget provides for all necessary state activities and, in some cases, additional funding. This is accomplished within a framework of fiscal responsibility. The state will live (more or less) within its revenues, rather than imposing ever greater burdens on the taxpayers.

However, this outcome only followed failed attempts by the legislative Democrats to override Gov. Sununu’s vetoes of higher state taxes. So, my thanks also go to the Republicans in the General Court who sustained the anti-tax vetoes.

Senators and state representatives who just voted in favor of the no-tax-hike budget, including my own state Sen. Jay Kahn and most of Cheshire County’s state representatives, previously voted to raise state taxes by about $400 million. This begs the question: If New Hampshire can now live without $400 million in higher taxes, then why did they all vote for such a mammoth state tax increase in the first place?

Sen. Dan Feltes and Speaker Steve Shurtleff also owe residents of the Granite State an honest explanation.

New Hampshire currently has the fastest growing economy in the Northeast. Is it too much to ask for a state government that encourages job and wage growth through sensible tax policies?



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