Letter: Marchand has real plan to address gun violence

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

As a mom, and someone who enjoys being alive, I closely follow politicians’ proposals for addressing gun violence and the nation’s epidemic of mass shootings.

I realize that NRA-owned politicians, such as Gov. Chris Sununu and President Donald Trump, aren’t the only problem. Many Democrats have tried to play both sides of the gun-law debate by offering meaningless platitudes, such as “I support common-sense gun laws” without sponsoring legislation.

That’s why I’m so impressed by Steve Marchand. He has presented a detailed, seven-step plan to address gun violence, and has even considered the nuts-and-bolts application of his suggestions. His policy proposal is significant, not only because it demonstrates the thought he has devoted to the issue, but also because he has the courage to stand up and tell us his opinions. He’s willing to lead on the issue, not stick a finger to the wind before speaking.

I wish his primary opponent, Molly Kelly, were so forthcoming and courageous on the issue. She’s trying to stick with the Democratic strategy of meaningless platitudes. In a recent NPR interview, she tried to skirt a question with vague statements about “common-sense gun laws.” She stumbled when pressed, and then committed only to reinstating permitting for concealed carry. Hoping for specifics, I reached out to her campaign, and received no response.

We’ve had enough politicians who lack the courage of their alleged convictions. If Steve Marchand can win in November while leading on this issue, other politicians will take notice. Maybe some will grow some personal courage.