Accused attempted murderer asks judge to rule certain evidence inadmissible

  • Jason Alleyne —Courtesy

Monitor staff
Monday, January 15, 2018

A man accused of intentionally running over his wife with a car in Bow in August is seeking to exclude from trial certain witness testimony, allegations of other crimes and part of his interview with police.

Jason Alleyne, 29, was advised of his Miranda rights at the start of a 27-minute interview with officers Stacey Blanchette and Phil Goodacre. But 20 minutes into the interview, Alleyne said, “I feel like I need a lawyer,” public defenders Daniel Swegart and Aileen O’Connell wrote in a recent motion filed in Merrimack County Superior Court in Concord.

“Instead of honoring this request, the police asked him why and then continued with the interview for another 7 minutes,” the attorneys wrote, noting that any statements made after this invocation must be suppressed.

The defense also argued that some statements made by witnesses, such as he “stepped on the gas,” “he floored it again,” and “it was an intentional act” should be inadmissible at trial because they are mere accusations and “highly prejudicial.”

County prosecutors have urged the court not to consider the motions because they were filed well after the deadline. The case is scheduled for jury selection in three weeks, followed by a weeklong trial.

Alleyne is facing charges of attempted murder, first-degree assault, second-degree assault and criminal threatening, all domestic violence-related. He also faces charges of driving after suspension and violating a protective order in connection with the Aug. 21 incident.

He is accused of verbally threatening to kill his wife, Saturn Alleyne, before jumping into the driver’s seat of her Nissan Maxima and accelerating over her at the Circle K Irving gas station on Route 3A.

According to court documents, Saturn Alleyne suffered a broken collarbone in the crash. Police said five witnesses lifted the vehicle off of her after Jason Alleyne fled the scene. He was later picked up by Concord police, who had received multiple 911 calls about a man running across Interstate 93 near the Days Inn motel.

Just days before the incident in Bow, Saturn had been granted a temporary restraining order against her husband.

In his latest court filings, Alleyne asks a judge to suppress allegations of prior criminal acts contained in the restraining order. Saturn wrote that her husband had physically abused her several times and caused damage to her vehicle in the days preceding the Bow incident. She accused him of being “controlling and abusive in their relationship.”

A judge has not yet ruled on the motions.