Pamela Ean and Carla Gericke: The many reasons to vote Republican

Published: 10/3/2018 12:14:16 AM

A Democratic Senate majority spells disaster for New Hampshire. The last time Democrats held the majority, they created an $800 million budget deficit, enacted nearly 100 tax and fee increases, and then papered over these problems with budgetary subterfuge. Senate Democrats introduced an LLC tax so awful it was immediately repealed when Republicans returned to the majority.

Burdensome Democratic policies make and keep people poor. If you want to improve your quality of living, if you want your working family to prosper, you need to embrace Republicans who understand what makes the economy tick. Hint: It is not big government programs funded by taxing you, your neighbors and friends. It is not a sales or income tax.

In Connecticut, seniors on fixed incomes were tricked by Democrats into believing an income tax would reduce their property taxes. Guess what happened? Major tax hikes. They now pay more than ever in property taxes, and the income tax has increased to 7 percent in a decade. To make matters worse, they decided to tax “the rich” extra (sound familiar?), leading to mass out-migration of their wealthiest taxpayers who sought refuge in lower-tax states, taking their businesses and jobs with them. Don’t let this happen here.

Under Republican leadership, you can expect a tax rebate that will follow your child, giving your child the freedom to go to any school of your choosing, whether public, charter, private or religious. If you cherish education, vote Republican.

Thanks to Republican leadership, we have the lowest unemployment rate in New Hampshire’s history. Minimum wage laws, especially the ridiculous 100 percent increase proposed by some N.H. Democrats, harm entry-level job seekers, which in turn hurt their future prospects to excel. If you want job growth and sustainable higher-paying jobs, vote Republican.

The recent Republican-led business tax cuts created a $100 million surplus, which has been allocated to the Rainy Day Fund. In addition, the Republican budget, opposed by all Senate Democrats, provided tens of millions of dollars for the opioid crisis and to help working families with disabled children. If you value helping those in need and living within our means, vote Republican.

Sen. Dan Feltes’s “voluntary” family medical leave proposal was insolvent from the start. In reality, it will result in an income tax and will place mandatory, expensive burdens on small businesses. Don’t be fooled by “feel-good” ideas that eliminate the benefits of competitive markets. “Well-meaning” socialist policies do not work – you saw what happened under Obamacare.

Senate Democrats have stymied attempts to increase your right to know what your government is up to, especially regarding collective bargaining. If you support government transparency and accountability, vote Republican.

New Hampshire consistently ranks as the best state in which to live, work, and play exactly because of our limited government, low-tax approach to life. Low taxes result from low spending, allowing you to keep your money to spend on the things you personally like and value, allowing you the freedom to choose where to spend your money – including on private charity and the needs of others – instead of having it taken from you under the guise of “helping.” If increasing taxes ended poverty, wouldn’t poverty have disappeared by now?

Raising taxes, increasing fees and adding more regulations, as Democrats advocate, do not help working families and do not put people first. Letting us all make our own decisions on how our hard-earned money is spent is what puts people first.

Instead of suffering under the disastrous ideas trotted out by incumbent Democrats Dan Feltes and Lou D’Allesandro, why not give Republican women like Pamela Ean (District 15) and Carla Gericke (District 20) the chance to show you how rich your life can truly be when you are free from these entrenched politicians’ failed economic policies?

We ask for your vote on Nov. 6 and promise to serve with integrity, character and compassion.

(Pamela Ean is a former police officer and public school teacher who lives in Concord. She is seeking the state Senate seat as a Republican in District 15, which includes Concord, Penacook, Hopkinton, Henniker and Warner. Carla Gericke is a former lawyer and writer who lives in West Manchester. She is the Republican nominee for N.H. Senate in District 20, which includes Goffstown and Manchester Wards 3, 4, 10 and 11.)

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