Letter: Disappointed in McCain

Wednesday, December 06, 2017
Disappointed in McCain

Sen. John McCain has been something of a maverick at times, but he is a longtime public servant. While in military service, he was captured and suffered as a prisoner of war for several years. I was horrified when, while running for president, Donald Trump had the gall to insult, to ridicule McCain’s being a POW.

Twice McCain ran for president. Twice I had occasion at town hall meetings (Manchester and Bow) to ask him a question. I was impressed by the way he responded to questions, even allowing people to challenge his answers. He did not insist on having the last word as most politicians do.

A few weeks ago, in the Republican attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act McCain showed remarkable courage to vote “no” and the repeal was defeated. But now, much to my dismay, he voted in a hurry for the massive tax overhaul bill with many harmful consequences.

In this drastic bill the very care that McCain received for his cancer will be now denied to others. This strikes me as cowardly to deny the care for others that he himself has received. I think this leaves a terrible stain on his remarkable career as a public servant.