Egg-cellent decorations

  • To make string eggs, you'll need glue, cotton twine and balloons. Sarah Kinney—Monitor staff

  • Wrap layers of glue-soaked string around the balloon. You can use one color or mix different colors of twine.

  • String balls can be used for an Easter centerpiece. Sarah Kinney—Monitor staff

  • String balls can be used for an Easter centerpiece. Sarah Kinney—Monitor staff

  • String balls can be used for an Easter centerpiece. SARAH KINNEY photos / Monitor staff

  • Use more twine to hang the finished string eggs together to make a garland.

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Published: 4/5/2017 9:11:43 AM

If you’re looking to inexpensively decorate for spring or Easter, but can’t stand any more plastic eggs, craft your own string egg orbs.

String balls have been growing in popularity in home decorating – and not just for springtime. They add texture and visual interest for centerpieces and can also be used as mini-lampshades from string lights.

A set of six wicker balls from Bed, Bath and Beyond could set you back about $30.

But, you can make your own set of about a dozen twine balls for $6 to $8 in dollar store materials.

Create them in pastel colors for a springtime flair.

All you have to do is wrap gluey string around balloons and let them dry overnight.

Pop and remove the balloons and your balls are done.

Then, line them up along your dining room table, fill a bowl or basket with them or string them together for a festival garland.

These are so simple and inexpensive to make, you can have a set for every holiday.


Craft or wood glue that dries clear, a 4 oz. bottle

Pack of small balloons (water balloons can be a good size, but are more prone to pop)

Cotton baker’s twine



1. Empty the bottle of glue into a disposable cup and mix in 4 to 6 tablespoons of water to thin the glue. Mix well.

2. Cut twine into pieces about 15 to 30 feet long. For baseball- to softball-sized orbs, you will need about 60 feet of twine total. You can make orbs solid colors with a single type of twine or mix and match colors.

3. Inflate balloons to the size that you want your eggs to be.

4. Soak each length of twine in the glue, one at a time. As you unravel the gluey string, use your fingers to squeeze excess glue back into the cup.

5. Wrap the glue-covered twine around the balloon. While not necessary, it can be helpful to coat the balloons with petroleum jelly so they are easier to remove once the glue it dry.

6. Hang the twine-covered balloons to dry or place on waxed paper. Let dry overnight. If drying on waxed paper, you’ll want to rotate the balls halfway through the drying process.

7. Pop the balloons and remove from inside the twine ball. The string should hold it’s shape.

When complete, you can fill a pretty bowl with the balls or use extra twine to hang them as garland.

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