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Dublin woman plans bouquets for homebound people

  • A sample bouquet from Sarah Wilcox's Mountain Haven Flower Farm. Courtesy

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Published: 1/19/2021 1:55:05 PM

Dublin resident Sarah Wilcox has a vision to bring bouquets of fresh cut flowers to shut-ins and residents of assisted living facilities this summer, and is reaching out to the community for help.

Wilcox realized what flowers could mean to people when she gave away some bouquets this past summer to people in her church community, some of whom hadn’t been able to go out due to the pandemic. “It brings people so much joy,” Wilcox said, and that she’s found that many people have fond memories associated with flowers. Something clicked when she listened to a podcast about a nonprofit that delivered flowers to hospitals and nursing homes. “I realized it was a thing I could do in the community,” she said.

The idea seemed well-received when she posted it to the Peterborough, NH Facebook page recently, calling for donations of vases or glass jars to assist with distribution. The positive reception encouraged Wilcox to start contacting area assisted living facilities and organizations to gauge their interest in receiving flowers.

Wilcox hadn’t done much gardening before arriving in Dublin with her family four years ago, she said. As a kid, she equated gardening to weed-pulling. “My mom always had beautiful gardens, but not a lot of cut flowers,” she said. The beautiful perennial garden that came with the house in Dublin inspired her to learn enough about plants and flowers to keep them alive. In the years since, she’s started a vegetable garden and planted herbs to make her own tea, but flowers have come to define her interest, she said.

Zinnias and cosmos, feverfew, snapdragons, and ornamental grasses factor in her plan for the coming season, in which Wilcox expects to expand her garden, put up a roadside stand for flower pick-ups, and organize socially distanced work days for people interested in helping to bring flowers to other community members.

Wilcox said she would put out the call for help as soon as flowers were ready for cutting, likely in June. She’s keeping deliveries local, for lack of a refrigerated vehicle, and said she welcomes donations from people uncomfortable with helping physically, estimating it would cost about $8 to $10 to produce and deliver a bouquet. More information can be found at the Mountain Haven Flower Farm website, although Wilcox expects most updates to come through the associated Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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