Letter: Send a message by voting for Democrats

Published: 10/14/2020 12:01:36 AM

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death last month is a reminder that neither morals nor ethics are matters of convenience. When Mitch McConnell announced that he would swiftly confirm her successor on the Supreme Court, he was politically correct. Four years earlier, when he stopped a vote on Merrick Garland’s confirmation, he was absolutely wrong. Either way, McConnell had the power to do as he wished. Evidently morals and ethics were beside the point.

Right now, the Republican Party is in the grip of the most personally, socially, and ecologically irresponsible president in our nation’s history. It was once the party of Abraham Lincoln, Thaddeus Stevens, Charles Sumner, and Frederick Douglass. As a number of nationally known and alarmed Republicans and conservatives have pointed out, Donald Trump has made it the party of a new gilded age, sleight of hand, and Jefferson Davis. Gov. Chris Sununu has extended the damage to the state level by declaring himself “a Trump guy through and through,” and acting accordingly.

Thus ironies and regret abound, at the expense of conscientious and deservedly respected Republicans who are our neighbors. However, the only way now for the GOP to shed its madness is for voters – especially young voters whose future is most at stake – to put as many Democrats into public office as possible. Any other course signifies approval for what Trump, McConnell, Sununu, and their enablers have wrought.


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