Our Turn: Before you vote, examine the character of candidates

Published: 5/4/2020 6:15:07 AM

Elections have consequences. At probably no time in recent history has that statement meant more than presently.

This country and many of the states are feeling the consequences of the 2016 election. More unfortunately, many of our citizens have suffered serious consequences of elected officials on the national and state level being grossly incompetent and irresponsible in the face of one of the most serious pandemics ever to land on our shores.

In the office of president, we have elected an unqualified and corrupt leader who has appointed similarly incompetent and inexperienced cabinet members and heads of agencies who cannot responsibly govern.

The president is more interested in securing the circumstances to ensure his re-election than taking care of the health and well being of our country. He ignores expert advice, promotes untested medication, blames anything and anyone to deflect his own lack of responsibility, lies and scapegoats.

The sycophants of his own party in governors’ offices act in the same outrageous manner, most are unwilling to take action unless it corresponds to the wishes of their leader. All of which creates chaos and confusion when what we need is coherence and compassion.

Fortunately, there are others, representing both parties, who are courageous and heroic, taking the lead in a vacuum created by the people who are supposed to be our guiding lights and unifying forces.

Look no further than the events and lessons of Wisconsin. A state legislature with no regard for the safety of its citizens during an election backed up by a state supreme court with the same callous attitude and further reinforced by a Supreme Court making a decision and not even having the courage to sign a majority opinion.

The legislature and the state supreme court were elected. The majority of the Supreme Court in Washington was appointed by one party. What is important is that the events in Wisconsin can easily be repeated in New Hampshire and other states. So do you think that the elections in November might be important?

We are not advocating for a one-party system. There are good people on both sides of the aisle on the state and national levels. There should always be a representation of both parties throughout the political system.

It is more important to examine the character and values of individual candidates, from local positions like mayors, boards of aldermen or select boards, school boards and the like, to state and national House and Senate candidates, to the governorships and the presidency. Who you vote for in November will have consequences well beyond that date. The future of our democracy will be in our hands.

(Reps. David Doherty and Dianne Schuett live in Pembroke.)


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