Letter: Fading establishment

Saturday, August 12, 2017
Fading establishment

The diagnosis is in. Gordon Humphrey has spoken. It is his considered opinion that President Trump “is impaired by a seriously sick psyche” (Monitor Forum, Aug. 10).

Gordon Humphrey: former Air Force, former professional pilot, former liberal turned conservative, retired senator, twice failed candidate for governor, supporter of Edward Snowden, endorser of Hillary Clinton, and now psychiatrist and diagnostician of brain disease. I did not realize that being a retired senator conferred you with standing to speak publicly and with great force and conviction about things in which you have no education or training.

Humphrey’s diatribe against Trump consists almost entirely of an ad hominem attack. It is an attack that appeals to the emotions and prejudices of people rather than to their intellect and reason. In one sense, I take comfort in this attack because it is a sign that the establishment has lost the argument. Therefore, they resort to something akin to calling their opponent an “ugly bald fat guy” as if ugly bald fat guys were not sentient beings and were not capable of cogent thought.

With each passing day, the position of the Establishment Party weakens and their public support wanes. The Establishment Party and its two major committees, namely the Republican committee and the Democratic committee, are pushing every emotional button they can to get President Trump out of the Oval Office. These two committees have always been aligned in their goal of maintaining their power through preservation of the status quo.

In 2013 Ralph Nader outlined his plan to recruit at least 10 enlightened billionaires and encourage them to run for office. Was Trump the only one who responded?