Ex-Patriot out of jail as stalking case proceeds against him in Concord

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Published: 6/12/2019 1:06:52 PM

A former New England Patriot accused of violating a protective order is back home in Texas as the criminal case against him moves forward in New Hampshire.

Gregory Spires, 44, of Cyprus, Texas, was previously scheduled to appear in Concord’s district court Tuesday for a trial management conference in the misdemeanor stalking case against him. However, defense attorney George Campbell requested that the court reschedule the hearing for August to allow him additional time to review the “voluminous information provided in discovery.” Campbell also noted that Spires is fully disabled due to football-related injuries and to “require his appearance at this stage would create undue hardship.”

The hearing is now scheduled for the morning of Aug. 13.

Spires flew to New Hampshire with his wife and two sons in early May to see his estranged daughter play sports after learning through a Google search that she attends Concord High School. Rather than give advanced notice of his trip, Spires just showed up at Memorial Field on May 8 after having not spoken to his daughter for years. Spires and his ex-wife divorced more than a decade ago.

The girl testified during civil proceedings in Concord in May that she was terrified to see Spires face-to-face.

“Why suddenly after eight years of not seeing Greg Spires was he there?” she asked. “I was frightened for my life and especially for my mother’s life because of past domestic violence I’ve seen with my own eyes.”

She said she immediately phoned her mother in a panic and asked for Concord police to respond. However, police said they could only ask and not force Spires to leave on May 8 because there was no protective order in place at the time.

The next day, Spires’s ex-wife and daughter went to Concord’s district court to each file stalking petitions against him. When the girl returned to the field on May 9, Spires, who had planned to watch a second sporting event, was quickly served the paperwork and told to leave school property.

A provision in the petition taken out by his daughter prohibited him from being on school grounds. But Spires told the court he neglected to read the order and showed up May 10 at Concord High to meet the principal and request copies of his daughter’s grades.

“I’m sorry for breaking the restraining order,” he said during a final restraining order hearing last month. “I’ve never been arrested. It was an honest mistake. I take pride in keeping my nose clean.”

At the time of that hearing, Spires was being held at the county jail for lack of $50,000 bail. A bond in that amount has since been posted on his behalf, and he has returned to Texas, according to court records.

Two restraining orders now prohibit Spires from contacting his ex-wife and daughter. The stalking petitions were granted May 16 are in effect for one year. Spires cannot be within 500 feet of his ex-wife and daughter, including in proximity to their home, places of employment and Concord High School, and he must relinquish all firearms.

If convicted of stalking, Spires faces a maximum penalty of one year in jail.

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