Published: 2/10/2018 11:11:15 PM

In the trenches, June 11th 5 p.m.

Dear wife,

I have just finished my broiled steak hard tack & coffee & had my smoke – I do not chew and smoke but once a day now – and now I will have a few words with you. I would much rather be with you and speak the words than write them, but as this is out of the question, at present I must be content with present privileges. I am, and thankful that I have the privilege of writing you – of receiving letters from you.

I think I have thot of you fifty times today – and this is the case every day and night. I do not think of you but I think I love you – think you love me – know it to be so. I feel anxious each day to hear from you, to know how you are, hoping you are well. I often think how lonesome and anxious you must be thinking of me. I do not wish you to worry about me but I wish you to think of me – love me – and I know you will. I have no fears about you forgetting me – a moment.

Last night we came into the 2nd line of trenches at reserve. The Johnnys are very quiet to day. A few mortar shells are chirruping above my head – going on over and bursting, doing but little harm. We are protected by our trenches from bullets and shell and are safer here than in the rear.

We are expecting a mail to night – hope I shall have one of your dear letters tonight. Shall I?

The last mail brot none from you – one from Earl (?) – he is at Bermuda Hundred, waiting for transportation to the Regt. I shall be glad to see him yet I had rather he would have been kept out of this show until his time was out – however he will have but three months – and I hope he will be spared to return safe to his home.

You wrote about staying with my folks – you will be welcome there to stay as long as you please – to do as you wish in all respects. I would like to have you go there and stay what time you have. You need not say anything in regard board or anything of the kind but to do as you please. But I will just say that as far as Mother is concerned, that perhaps if you were there as a boarder that it might make Mother work harder than would be right – and it might not be policy (?).

As you said in regard to your going there and doing as you do, or have done at home, I think likely you would rather do so. I wish you to do as you wish and I know it will be all right. I spoke to Mother about this matter while I was at home and told her if you wished to come there, I wanted to pay your board if you came in that manner, and she said it would be all right, any way we wished. She wished you to come and feel at home and hoped you would.

I should send you some money but we have not been paid since we came out and probably shall not be for some time. If you want any money will you send to me and ask it? I can get it – and wish to send you whenever you want it. Of course you may think I should not wait for you to want money before I send – but you know things are different in the Army from civil life.

I must close now we are to be relieved – Some say we are going to White House Landing again, some to Harrison’s Landing. So good night my dear wife. I love you more than I can tell you tonight. Goodbye Annie – Frank

Bermuda Hundred, Va. 9 a.m. June 14

Dear Annie, We have just landed here and I will send this as I have an opportunity. I am well, and find myself loving you and thinking of you as much as more.

I hope this will find you well as usual, carrying on as usual – I know this will be so.

I received your “No. 9” the night I expected – hoped for – the 11th inst. I loved that letter as I loved the preceding ones. I also received a letter from Sister & Sue & Willie. I was glad to hear from them. Tell Sue I will answer her as soon as I can and Willie also.

You will please give my love to your Mother Father Bro’s & Sisters. I will write to Mother soon. I am sorry she is so unwell. But I must close and send this now so good bye. In regard to your working in the Factory I never liked the idea of anyones working in the Factory – but if you would rather work there I would not ask you not to – My objection has always been on the exposure of ones health.

I am your true loving husband,

Frank Buzzell

P.S. If it is convenient for you to do so I would like you to get me another doz Photographs and send as soon as convenient.


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