Franklin man attempts to evade police by jumping in the Winnipesaukee River

Monitor staff
Friday, September 29, 2017

A Franklin man ended up swimming for his life in the Winnipesaukee River on Thursday while trying to evade police.

Thirty-year-old Charles Maynard was walking downtown on Central St. in Franklin when he was spotted by a police officer who knew there was an active warrant out for Maynard’s arrest, police said. Maynard – who is wanted for selling heroin – ran approximately 1,000 feet into a wooded area as police gave chase, according to Franklin Detective Ralph Hale, who was present at the scene. 

As police closed in on Maynard, he jumped into the river in an attempt to escape, Hale said.

Approximately a dozen officers from surrounding towns and state police surrounded both sides of the river. They monitored and observed as Maynard floated and tried to swim in the rapidly moving water.

“I think he thought he was going to cross the river,” Hale said. “When he realized he couldn’t do that, I think he just thought, ‘What the heck – I’m in the river, now I might as well see where it takes me.’” 

Exhausted from trying to swim his way out, Maynard eventually surrendered to police along the bank of the river. He was arrested at 1 p.m., Hale said. 

Franklin Fire and Rescue attended to Maynard along with an officer who had been stung by a swarm of bees during the chase.

Maynard was cleared by medical personnel and transported to the Merrimack County Jail where he was held without bail pending arraignment Friday. 

The officer stung by the swarm of bees returned to duty without further incident.