Letter: Gardner’s misuse of office

Published: 8/6/2018 12:00:56 AM

As a supervisor of the checklist in Dorchester, I take my role seriously and attend all recommended training sessions given by the staff of the elections division.

Unfortunately, for the first time in memory, Secretary of State William Gardner appeared at the first training session for this season on Aug. 3. His blatant use of our time for electioneering was embarrassing, as his staff had just given a wonderful presentation on how to keep “electioneering” out of the election process.

Although elected, supervisors of the checklist, town clerks and moderators are not representative of any party and are poorly reimbursed (one of the towns’ problems getting adequate numbers of people to take the jobs) so are essentially volunteers. I resent Gardner’s using my time for his self-aggrandizing speech for re-election.

Dorchester or any other town should not have to pay for these elected officials to misuse their office. Hopefully Secretary Gardner will not show up at future training sessions and will use recognized debates and other electioneering venues in his attempt to be re-elected.



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