Letter: A union of Democrats

Published: 2/9/2019 12:01:24 AM

The long list of Democratic candidates lined up to run for the 2020 election is both thrilling and terrifying. Thrilling because, for this liberal, they are all qualified and mostly terrific. Terrifying because there are simply too many.

It’s understandable why they all want to take on the current president. But in order to win, Democrats need to present a united front. In this matter, too much diversity would dilute their message and provide fodder for the Trump camp to feast on.

Instead of a costly and divisive primary, what if the candidates cooperated? The differences between them are few. By rallying around a presidential candidate early on, the new leadership could form in advance.

There’s not just a presidential position to fill, but a Cabinet, judgeships, ambassadors. Our government has been hollowed out. There are 15 Cabinet positions and seven Cabinet-level positions. There are currently 17 declared or nearly declared candidates.

This exciting group could easily fill the primary Cabinet positions. There is a large talent pool to draw on for further support. Bernie and Joe and Hillary could be senior advisers. Rachel Maddow could be press secretary. Howard Schultz could be commerce secretary. Do you think Oprah would be as good an ambassador to the United Nations as I do?

Why not have our best and brightest lead us again? Rather than engage in the same old nasty primary process, the candidates could put their egos aside and work in unison for the good of the country. If not now, when?



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