Letter: Gun paranoia

Wednesday, August 09, 2017
Gun paranoia

Regarding Debra Marshall’s “gun delusion” column (Sunday Monitor Forum, Aug. 6): There are several statements in her column that seem correct: a) back in the dark ages a gun was used to hunt for food; b) a gun is a dangerous tool; c) never point a gun at anything or anyone. All good points. However, the rest of her over-long diatribe needs deeper analysis.

Let me state, upfront, I’m neither a psychologist nor psychiatrist. However, the majority of her statements suggest to me the word “paranoia.” Repeating the statement that “I’m not safe if you’re armed”; her father and grandfather both suspected of having Alzheimer’s disease; insisting that “I don’t care what the range instructor told you, he lied.”

Many New Hampshire citizens have been issued carry permits – probably more than a hundred thousand. Many carry a concealed handgun every day. How often does the news report someone intentionally or unintentionally shot in New Hampshire? I can’t remember any this year.

Debra ends her article strongly suggesting that all guns be kept in a locked armory and checked out as needed. I believe the criminals in our state would find that wonderful. In any home they invaded, whether for drugs or money, they would find no resistance.

In 1987, Florida passed a concealed carry law allowing anyone over 21 with no arrest record to take an eight-hour course to qualify for a permit. The following year there was a significant reduction in rape and armed robbery. You can check that on the FBI’s annual crime report.