Letter: Gun violence is the real national emergency

Published: 1/18/2019 12:01:13 AM

The real national emergency, to which all of our resources need to be directed, is gun violence in the United States. There are exponentially more Americans who die from guns and gun violence than from illegal immigration. The ability for any person to eventually obtain guns through a variety of outlets, that is a national emergency.

President Trump is drowning in his own rhetoric when he first said “Mexico will pay for the wall” and then falsely claimed the new trade deal would pay for it. He may be planning to divert funds from Puerto Rico relief.

What is the military emergency at our borders? The only threat is the fear and confusion stirred up by Trump and his disillusioned base. Real intellectuals look at all the facts; Trump and his base must really not be intellectuals. Come on. Will it take your family member to be murdered at school, in a shopping mall or theater for you to wake up? So with no military threat, using Department of Defense funds is a non-starter. There must be a swarm of intellectually vacant folks trying to advise Trump.

So to all my Second Amendment friends: What if the right to “bare” arms was really a visionary statement from fashion designers that we could all have a sleeveless experience? Maybe we’d have many more kids growing up to be productive citizens instead of dying prematurely amid the real national emergency – gun violence. Build a wall around the NRA!



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