Letter: The price of cuts in Hopkinton

Published: 6/28/2020 12:01:34 AM

I have read with interest many of the letters to the editor in the Concord Monitor over the last few weeks, have participated in the Zoom board meetings, and read many of the comments on various town social media threads about our current school budget debate.

It is very disturbing to see the level of vitriol being directed toward the Hopkinton teachers, school administrators and school board.

The draconian cuts the board has been forced to consider to essential programs and services will have devastating consequences on the ability of the school to continue its mission. These consequences will be felt for years, especially if continued cuts take place.

Fiscal austerity applied to public school budgets never works, as you cannot cut your way to prosperity. In fact, it has a paradoxical effect on the community, as it will worsen the opportunities for those students and families at the highest risk. Moreover, although it may appear on the surface that these cuts will help those families of limited financial resources, it will do the opposite and actually harm them, eventually resulting in a greater economic divide.

As part of the social contract of living in this community, we have a duty to provide the necessary funding for our public school system to flourish. We, as a small town with a single district SAU, bear the brunt of spending money on our children’s future. Until the state changes the way it funds public education, Hopkinton will need to properly fund our school district.

We moved to this town years ago because we believed the residents shared similar values of a high-quality education for the children of Hopkinton. Lately, we have seen this sentiment change among many and their voices have been loud and angry. It has been very disappointing to watch this unfold in front of our eyes.



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