Committee approves bill allowing host communities to join charitable gaming

Concord NH State House

Concord NH State House


Monitor staff

Published: 04-23-2024 4:13 PM

The House Ways and Means Committee unanimously voted on Tuesday to advance Senate Bill 472, which allows host communities to participate in charitable gaming alongside charities and non-profits.

Senate Bill 472, now heading to the full House of Representatives, broadens the scope of charitable gaming by extending its benefits to municipalities hosting gaming establishments. If approved, these communities would receive a share of the proceeds.

Under the proposed legislation, gaming operators would be required to conduct 10 days of gaming, with 35% of the profits allocated to the local host municipality. Currently, only approved charities and non-profits can participate in charitable gaming.

However, charities hold precedence in securing gaming dates with casinos. Municipalities can only secure gaming dates if casinos have vacant slots after accommodating charities seeking partnerships.

It is unclear whether casinos can accommodate municipalities because, even before Concord Casino shuttered, reducing the number of gaming businesses in the state to 13, charities were struggling to find slots with a casino to work with.

In host communities with multiple casinos, such as Nashua with three, if gaming dates are available, they can secure up to 30 days per year, with 10 days allocated at each casino.