How (and where) to submit content to the Monitor

Published: 02-09-2023 1:54 PM

General news

What to send: If you have a tip for the newsroom or a story idea, send an email with “news tip” in the subject line and a brief description of the information or situation in the email. Make sure to include your name and a way to contact you (email or phone number).



What to send: What’s going on in the business community? Let us know about openings or closings, share press releases about local programs, updates or promotions, commentary or insight on local trends or economic news impacting the region. Business news appears in the Sunday Monitor.


Community news

What to send: Anything and everything about what’s going on in your community and good news in your town. This includes announcements about local groups, initiatives, updates, and awards. Pop-up events, library programs, and school news. Town-specific meetings or details for residents. A thank you note. You can also send photos from throughout the Capital Region to feature in the Hometown section of the daily Monitor.



What to send: Sports tips or story ideas about what’s happening in the sports world of your community, town or school. Is there a student with a unique story? A new project in the works or an interesting sporting trend? If you have a photo from a recent game or information about an upcoming event or program, send it our way.

Share your sports roundup details (looking for a coach? Have an open skate happening this weekend?) using this form. High school coaches, submit your most recent game results using this form and preview your team’s next match-up using this form.

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Arts, Entertainment and Lifestyle

What to send: A press release or brief write-up about your exhibit, performance, concert, play, craft workshop, documentary, book or more. Including photos is highly recommended. Depending on the type of event, this will appear in the A&E, Your Life or Books sections of the Monitor.



What to send: Full details about how to submit a My Turn (400-800 word opinion essay) or Letter to the Editor (250 words) can be found at Anyone in the Capital Region is welcome and encouraged to share opinion content.



What to send: Our goal is to always provide accurate information. If we learn that information we published is factually inaccurate we will publicly correct the mistake as soon as possible. In print, corrections and clarifications run on either Page 2 or Page 3. They are also added as an Editor’s Note either above or below a previously published online article. When our reporting is factually correct, but the language is unclear or requires more detail, a clarification may be published at the discretion of the editors.

Email: To report inaccuracies, please email to point out the error and if possible direct us to the correct information. Please use “Correction” in the subject line of the email.


What to send: The Concord Monitor publishes paid obituaries both in the paper and at Obituaries are printed as submitted by families and funeral homes. Obituaries intended for the next day’s paper must be submitted by 1:30 p.m. The Monitor does not charge for obituaries of those ages 17 and younger.