Letter: The right way to use RGGI money

Published: 4/16/2019 12:01:21 AM

Here is an excellent example of why N.H. citizens should support Democratic legislators.

Under the current Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, adjusted by the last Republican Legislature, our RGGI money goes back to the ratepayers. Sounds good: free market at work, unshackle the ratepayers from the Legislature’s meddling in the free market. The trouble is, ISO New England, which controls the transmission grid, assesses maintenance and upgrade costs to the states based on the states’ peak demand.

Since other New England states are gung ho on using RGGI money to sponsor energy saving projects, reducing their usage and demand, their share of ISO costs are going down while N.H. ratepayers’ costs go up. We are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars here.

Dissing RGGI may sound good on a bumper sticker, but not taking advantage of the benefits of RGGI money costs all N.H. ratepayers money. It hurts homeowners, municipalities and business owners.

Simply folding your arms and refusing to consider the real facts makes for a good old Republican stance against these liberal, socialist programs. But the reality is, New Hampshire is linked to the regional grid and must face the fact that saving energy through RGGI is in the best interest of all of us.

With Senate Bill 122, our Democratic representatives, including George Saunderson and Howard Moffett from my district, are working to reverse the last Legislature’s short-sighted and costly refusal to face reality. Let’s support using RGGI money to lower our usage and demand, save all of us money and, by the way, create hundreds of local jobs in the energy efficiency business right here in New Hampshire.




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