My Turn: Kuster has filled a seat, and that’s about it

For the Monitor
Published: 9/10/2016 12:15:05 AM

For too long we have left the seat of New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District in the hands of a seat warmer. A congresswoman who in nearly four years has managed to sponsor and pass just one piece of legislation, while spending enormous time amounting a war chest to simply get re-elected, to do nothing all over again.

While the renaming of the Nashua FAA Center may have been a noble cause, is it truly all that should be expected out of a two-term member of Congress? I expect more. The people expect more. Annie Kuster has not delivered any more.

I am running for Congress because I want to help people. As a lawmaker and former majority leader, I have found the greatest reward in my job being the ability to pass legislation to make people’s lives better. I intend to take this passion, effort and experience to Congress.

The simple fact is that the policies coming out of Washington from Barack Obama and Annie Kuster are the complete wrong approach to stimulate the economy. If we continue down this path all we will see is more debt, more unemployment, more people struggling to make ends meet.

We need someone representing the Second District of New Hampshire who will roll up his sleeves and get things done. I am that person.

In Concord, we managed to balance the budget; to take an $8 million surplus and turn it into $100 million; to pass legislation to improve the economy of the North Country and make people’s lives just a little easier. These are the things I will do in Congress.

Our first priority must be robust economic growth. That starts with getting our financial house in order. I support a balanced budget amendment, massive reductions in duplicative agencies, lower taxes, and fewer regulations on employers so they may hire more employees and provide better wages and benefits.

I support a long-term solvency plan for Social Security. I support a strong defense to fight Islamic extremism and protect Americans. I support expanding individual freedoms, not limiting them as our current congresswoman would on issues such as the Second Amendment. And, unlike my primary opponent, I support repealing Obamacare. It has destroyed the jobs market, increased premiums and limited access to health care.

While my opponent has repeatedly stated he would like to alter it, I know that simply won’t work. We cannot tinker around the edges and hope for it to get better. We need to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a market-driven solution to lower costs and increase access.

On Sept. 13, the voters of the Second Congressional District in New Hampshire will have a choice, and I am asking for your vote.

I am the only Republican who can beat Annie Kuster in November. A recent WMUR poll shows that, despite her bought-and-paid-for war chest, I am already within the margin of error to beat her. And that is what we must do to restore common sense to the seat representing us.

We need someone to challenge Congresswoman Kuster in November who can demonstrate more than ideas, but actual achievements. I am that candidate.

If honored with the privilege of serving as your congressman, I will fight for you. To put more money in your pockets, to maintain the freedoms you are promised by our Constitution and to do what I can to keep us all safe on our homeland.

As your congressman, I will represent you. On Sept. 13, I ask for your vote in the Republican primary and will again ask for your vote in November.

(Jack Flanagan of Brookline is a Republican candidate for U.S. representative in District 2.)

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