Letter: ‘Goodthink,’ here we come

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Monitor editors, in their latest expected diatribe of ideological, pious claptrap, quoted George Orwell.

In Orwell’s seminal novel “1984,” ‘Newspeak’ is described as a tactic or method of controlling language to keep the population under control. We are seeing this first hand with political correctness, a movement originally meant to treat others with respect and kindness now weaponized by progressives and the Left; using their language to censor, silent others and stifle debate.

Political correctness has turned a well-intended social construct into blatant censorship, an affront to free speech and a tool of division. Saul Alinsky, a far left “activist” and hero of folks like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, wrote: “He who controls the language controls the masses.”

We see this in practice by the media, progressives and government who constantly engender trigger language utilizing words like “racist,” “homophobic,” “privileged” and a host of other absurd stereotypes using language to shame others. For a great example of today’s progressive behavior, see the closing scene with Donald Sutherland in the 1978 remake of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” The similarity is stunning.

Already practicing Orwell’s ‘duckspeak,’ it won’t be long until the left starts promoting ‘crimethink,’ ‘facecrime,’ bellyfeel’ and ‘goodthink.’ Of course those of us who believe in “ownlife” would object to the natural evolution of Orwellian/progressive style groupthink.

I have a list of seven words that shouldn’t be used by the editors and leadership at the Monitor: objectivity, evenhandedness, balance, fairness, diversity, thick-skinned and equal-time.

Bill Bunker