Letter: Monitor a bunch of ‘vainglorious amateurs’

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Like a boomerang in an echo chamber, the Monitor editorial board once again sang the same old song in their editorial ‘Presidential Trump’ takes the stage. Informed citizens understand this is only opinion of ideological leftists, who possess no extraordinary intellect or common sense. Nothing to see here folks, just move along. If you’ve read one of these editorials, you’ve read them all!

Trump “bad … childish, nativist, narcissistic” looking for “war” and taking the country on a road headed for “disaster.” Those self -congratulatory enlightened, progressive, higher-minded leaders who own, manage and opine unchallenged, from their soap box at the mighty Concord Monitor can’t stand Trump’s self-congratulation. “Mirror, mirror on the editorial board wall.”

Of course, no Monitor editorial is complete without a reference to race and identity politics and this one certainly did not disappoint: (Trump) “suggesting that all darker-skinned immigrants are dangerous criminals” and “tear apart every last one of the nation’s immigrant families of non-European descent.”

The supposedly educated, but obviously intellectually dishonest editors, believe that the economic recovery started nine years ago? I guess if you work in a cloistered newsroom regurgitating opinion that resembles news, you might not understand the hardship that most of your readers endured under Obama’s ideological agenda, which stifled the economy and nearly brought it to a halt.

The Monitor needs to add a disclaimer to editorials: “This editorial is the opinion of vainglorious amateurs with no special expertise in subject matter but definitely influenced by misinformation and talking points from one narrow side of the political spectrum.”

Bill Bunker