Letter: Bishop Brady basketball players give an assist to Concord Rec

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I’ve coached youth basketball through the Concord Recreation Department for several years. While coaching both my daughters at the third and fourth grade level, coaches had been required to referee their own games. Refereeing provides a unique perspective on the game and it can be fun immersing oneself in the play of both teams. However, it is challenging and significantly limits a coach’s ability to simultaneously lead and teach his or her team during the game.

This year, Recreation Department coaches for younger players received a big assist from the Bishop Brady High School basketball program. Each week, Bishop Brady basketball players from the girls and boys programs arrived on Saturday mornings to referee our games, and thus coaches were free to coach their teams without pulling double duty.

As fans and players, we often don’t realize how difficult it is to call a fair game, and I give a lot of credit to Bishop Brady’s players for taking on this role and doing a great job to improve young players’ experiences. They have provided a tremendous and selfless community service. And, on a Saturday morning, too!

On behalf of my team, and the all the coaches and players of the Concord Recreation basketball program, thank you Bishop Brady players for your efforts, and thank you Athletic Director Annie Alosa for creating this opportunity.

Jamie Burnett