Letter: Why is education department official still employed?

Published: 8/11/2018 7:23:08 PM

Last week, Anthony Schinella, the department of education’s communications director, made posts criticizing a gathering of state business leaders focused on diversity in the workforce.

He wrote that increased diversity could bring more crime and create a “cesspool.”

I find it interesting that the governor and commissioner of education are unclear of what actions are available to them as they reject the comments made by this new employee at the education department.

New hires to state employment typically have a probationary period of six months, during which time their performance and conduct is assessed to determine if they are a good fit for the job. Schinella started his job in April; looks like just cause to remove him from his communication’s role and give him a ‘wake-up call’ on the effect of his words.

I’d suggest looking at the personnel rules for Dismissal During Initial Probationary Period, followed by the effect the conduct has on the operation or function of the agency.



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