LetterL Our advantage is in jeopardy

Published: 10/19/2020 6:01:28 PM

State Representative for District 17 Ward 8, Safiya Wazir, calls herself an activist, rather than a elected representative of the people. Her voting record clearly demonstrates creating an income tax, a new tax on capital gains, vaping and sports betting. In addition, she backs increases to the business taxes and the state spending by a massive $1.5 billion dollars or a 13% higher tax for enormous operating subsides of a commuter rail system for very few commuters.

She voted against common sense bills that would have assisted many in N.H. by reducing their tax burden. Wazir is against reducing statewide property taxes, however is for replacing a mandatory family leave plan with a funded income tax with a voluntary plan.

My belief should she get re-elected, the low tax advantage we here in N.H. have is in jeopardy.

Please vote on Nov. 3 for Dennis Soucy. A never cctivist, hardworking, pro-life Catholic, a U.S. Army Specialist Veteran. He is also a former Sr Vice Commander and Legislative Liason for DAV Auxilliary Capital City Unit 19. Dennis, is ready to work for the people in District 17, Ward 8.

Mary E. Donnelly


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