Letter: What’s the goal in Jerusalem?

Sunday, December 31, 2017
What’s the goal in Jerusalem?

Imagine you are president of the United States, and you were presented with two choices. The first choice is to do nothing. The second choice is to do something that results in the death of four people. What would you do? What is the moral choice here?

As far as I can figure out, President Donald Trump’s stated intention of moving the U.S. Embassy to West Jerusalem has resulted in the death of four people. President Trump has not acknowledged these deaths nor empathized with the mothers and fathers of these individuals.

We might ask, “For what purpose did he make this declaration?” Did it “Make America Great Again?”

Hardly, when 129 nations expressed dismay at this. The world thinks less of the United States for this. This decision seem short sighted to me as we may need some of these counties as allies in the future. He did this to placate his “base” and fulfill a campaign promise. It does not indicate any strategic thinking of what is best for our country in the future. And it is morally indefensible the way it is being handled.