A tense situation in Israel

Published: 7/8/2018 8:42:22 AM

Like Bradley Libenson, I enjoy Robert Azzi’s writings in the most part. They are not wholly unbiased but that is only human. I agree with Mr Libenson’s piece about Israel (Monitor, July 5).

I was in Israel last week and read in reputable papers that the PLA has embargoed aid going to Gaza on the presumption that making the life of the population more problematic would turn those people against Hamas, the enemy of the PLA. Both the Israel and the Egyptian governments asked the PLA to relent but they refused.

I also read that 80 percent of the casualties at the border were persons associated with Hamas. It seems that Hamas has to whip up animosity in order to stay powerful amongst the Gazans.

The culture of the Arab people is very different from the people in the West so it is not easy to apply our standards to them or their standards to us.

Ivor Freeman


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