Letter: School choice costly for taxpayers

Thursday, October 05, 2017

The governor and New Hampshire Legislature are considering a “school choice” bill that would essentially take state money that is targeted toward local school districts and give a portion of that money to parents who desire to send their children to public school in the form of “vouchers.”

First off, their bill isn’t a school choice bill at all because parents already can choose to send their children to any school they want. What they can’t do is get public money to pay for it. Second, if such a bill is passed then money targeted for our local schools will be siphoned off and possibly end up in the coffers of St. Paul’s or Bishop Brady as parents receive subsidies to send their kids to those schools.

Have you driven through St. Paul’s lately? I doubt if they need our public money. Some of it will also go to some parents who want to home school their children and indoctrinate them with religious teachings with suspect science.

Then there’s the money that will be missing from the public schools. This will have to be made up somehow. Guess how that will happen? Through higher property taxes. I don’t know about you but we pay very high property taxes in Concord.

School choice bills are a very bad idea and we, the taxpayers, need to stand against an initiative that will undermine our local school system and raise our taxes.

Wayne Fuller