Letter: Becoming part of the energy solution

Tuesday, December 26, 2017
Energy conscious

With the dropping temperatures and shortened daylight of winter upon us, we are taking advantage of the luxuries modern energy and technology provide to heat and light our homes and workspaces. Although I am not a utilities paying adult, I’d like to draw attention to the consequences of non-renewable resources. The majesty of our blue planet is being diminished every day as resources such as fossil fuels, oil, and coal are harvested. Both the certainty that these will run out and the undeniable quantity of pollution they generate, leave the energy consuming people of the globe in a difficult predicament. It is likely that if you are reading this paper, you too fall in the category of “Responsible for the Problem.” However, luckily for you, that places you in the “Responsible for the Solution” group as well. And you are in good company, with groups in the city of Concord such as Sierra Club, New Hampshire Association of Conservation Commissions, and the Conservation Law Foundation, also striving to improve our energy usage. In fact, some goals include maximizing energy conservation and efficiency in the private and public sectors, and increasing the use of renewable energy systems within the City of Concord.

There is so much to be learned about how we use energy. If nothing more, I hope that having read this you will go into the world today conscious of the energy use around you and open minded to finding your personal role in the solution.

Sophia Johnson