Letter: The socialist promise

Published: 8/11/2018 7:23:16 PM

When there was an outbreak of Ebola in Africa recently, there was an immediate reaction to do whatever it would take to control and eradicate it from spreading.

That is what must be done in the November mid-term elections. Elect those who will further our democratic principles and conservative government. Not those who would preach the Socilaist doctrine and promise free college for all, guaranteed federal jobs, Medicare for all and abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

All that may seem a good deal when you first hear it, but just think a little further. Where is the funding going to come from to afford it. If you hate what you pay in taxes now, just wait until the Socialist system is in effect.

The blame for this convoluted thinking can be laid squarely at the door step of our neglected education system. Each year, more and more schools do away with basic economics and history courses and replace them with anti-American, progressive propaganda. Meanwhile, at American universities Communist Manifesto is among the three most frequently assigned readings and Karl Marx the most studied economist. This is what millennials are learning. They don’t know any better.



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