Letter: Something’s not right in Pembroke

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

I just read the article about a Pembroke School Board member who was forced to resign after being pressured by a Pembroke Budget Committee member. Something is not right with this situation.

Many of us know that this member of the Budget Committee has been organizing meetings and has been very vocal on social media about her complaints about the Pembroke schools.

Are the meetings that she organizes legal? I understand from reading the statutes that Budget Committee meetings should be publicized appropriately, open to the public and posted. Who is she representing and why are her actions appropriate?

In addition, this Budget Committee member ran for the School Board and lost. Is this a way to open the door for another run?

This looks like a witch hunt and I believe these type of actions are going to be destructive for not only Pembroke schools but the Town of Pembroke. When budget cuts are made they need to be completed thoughtfully and constructively so that any harm to student education is minimized. We are better than this!

Susan Seidner