Mental gymnastics needed to support Trump

Published: 7/13/2020 7:04:18 PM

Van Mosher once again sings the “accomplishments” of Trump and attacks everything liberal. He praises the creation of 4.8 million “new” jobs in June. Ignoring the millions of jobs lost because of Trump’s pitifully response to the pandemic. The unemployment rate is still at 11.1%. Thirty percent of the “new” jobs are in restaurants and bars. With recent surges in new cases of the virus, many of these jobs will disappear again. Trump’s pre-pandemic “record employment” came after a mere 1.2% drop in the unemployment rate. While Biden was Vice President, 11.6 million jobs were create and the unemployment rate dropped by 5.2%. While Obama and Biden dealt with the Ebola, Zika, and H1N1 outbreaks; two unfunded wars; and the recovery act that saved the auto industry, conservatives ranted about a $9 trillion increase in the U.S. debt. Prior to the pandemic, in a booming economy, the Trump administration was on tap to add $5 trillion. With the pandemic, it’s likely to exceed $7 trillion, in just four years.

Regarding Biden’s “racist” background, has stated “Calling Joe Biden a racist takes some work. Mostly it involves taking his comments and trying very hard to ignore their actual meaning.” Biden’s legislative history includes: support for fair housing, employment and voting rights, credit and lending equality, and opposition to apartheid.

Mosher also raises the non-issue of Biden’s “significant cognitive decline.” Perhaps he should spend some time listening to Trump’s off-scripted unintelligible diatribes.

Glenn Smart


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