Letter: Robbing Concord to pay for parking

Monday, February 12, 2018

Bank robbers usually don’t rob the same bank over and over, but state Sen. Dan Feltes seems to have missed this point with his sponsorship of a bill that would allow Concord to add up to $150 per year to car registration fees in Concord to go into the parking garage fund. Concord residents have been robbed over and over for parking money. Enough is enough.

The parking garages were originally built to give more parking to Concord residents but the “pay for play” kicked in an much of the parking was sold off through sweet heart deal and Concord residents were left on the street again. Now, Feltes and the Democrats want to pull off another robbery and use car registrations to add more money to the parking fund to be manipulated. And this does not necessarily mean new parking.

Every car owner in the city would kick in more money for something few even get to use. Parking in the city is horribly mismanaged and now they want us to give them even more money to misuse.

We should take back the sweetheart deals and freebies like letting legislators park for free and below market deals as a start. That right there might solve any parking problems our politicians have created.

Let’s change the combination to the vault of Concord residents money and stop Feltes and his SB 587 from robbing us once again.

Edward W. Smith