Letter: Roll, duck boats, roll

Published: 11/6/2018 12:01:12 AM

This is an open letter to Ray Duckler, who apparently can’t stand being where sports titles are won (Monitor front page, Oct. 30):

Oh Ray, don’t be blue. Perhaps one day the Yankees will win again. As a fellow transplanted New Yorker, I’ve come to embrace living in Title Town, a.k.a. Red Sox and Patriots Nation, a.k.a. the Epicenter of the Sports Universe.

Perhaps it’s because I grew up rooting for the Mets. When I got to New England, I discovered Mets fans and Red Sox fans have something in common: Our second favorite team is whoever is playing the Yankees.

Do I detect a twinge of sports fan jealousy? After all, the New York sports market has more than twice as many teams, but those nine haven’t won as many titles in recent years as the Boston market’s four. Yes, it’s the Sox’s fourth World Series title this century. The Yanks have won one in that time, and, well, while the Mets will always have a place in my childhood memory, to paraphrase Rick Pitino, Tom Seaver isn’t walking through that door.

And of course, the Pats just keep on winning. Yes, Ray, the Giants have taken two Super Bowls during the Pats’ string of five. But as for the Jets, I don’t think they even know the Super Bowl is still being played.

Meanwhile, the Celtics and Bruins have one title each during the New England dominance of all things sport. The Rangers, Devils and Islanders have been in the mix, but the Knicks not so much, and the Nets haven’t won a title since Dr. J dunked a red, white and blue basket-beach-ball in the old ABA. Let the duck boats roll.



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