Letter: Ignoring constituents

Friday, December 22, 2017
Ignoring constituents

Gov. Sununu supports the repeal of net neutrality, stating that “over regulation protects monopolies and hurts consumers.” I live in a rural area with only one choice of internet provider, in other words, a provider that is a monopoly.

The regulation provided now by net neutrality rules actually protect me. It is highly unlikely that this repeal will trigger a plethora of internet choices in our many rural New Hampshire localities, but it is quite possible that our monopolies will be able to limit our choices by selectively raising rates and/or limiting access without this necessary regulation.

Nationally, 85 percent of our citizens are opposed to this repeal. Sixteen states and the District of Columbia are suing the FCC over this, including our neighbors Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine. Our New Hampshire congressional delegation is urging state Attorney General Gordon MacDonald to join these other states in this suit.

This stance of Sununu’s is akin to his support for pulling out of the Paris climate accord, a move 69 percent of Americans oppose but which Sununu supports. Fourteen states have pledged to support the carbon reduction goals delineated in the Accord, by joining the U.S. Climate Alliance. This includes our New England neighbors in Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. But here again, bucking the opinion of the vast majority of his constituents, our governor affirms that he won’t join this alliance.

It is quite apparent that Gov. Chris Sununu is not representing the interests of the citizens of his state. Let’s make him a one-term governor. We, the people, deserve representation and protections.